Burgers &Bits.


An explosion of Spice & flavour

The Hot Chick

An Explosion of Spice & Flavour

The HOt Chick

The "I'm Being Healthy" Side

Corn Ribs

Dip Your Stick In This

Mozzarella Sticks


The anatomy of a buba burger

The Burger

We use only high-quality 100% Irish Hereford Beef Pattie, a perfect mix of chuck & brisket cuts from quality-assured farms

The Dressings

Our dressings and condiments are curated to deliver maximum flavour and enjoyment from every buba burger experience

The Bun

We have carefully selected what we believe is the best sesame-seeded bun to hold our juicy burgers. This will ensure you don’t get a soggy bottom

The Cooking

All our beef burgers are chargrilled over our clay oven company signature grill, imparting a light smoke & guaranteed tenderness & great taste every time

They're big. Really big.

Buba Burgers

The Classic


Beef patty, house burger sauce, tomato, pickle & onion

The Lumi (V)


Crispy halloumi, jalapeno salsa, chilli jam, house sauce & pickle

The Pepper Dipper


Beef patty, cheese, crispy fried onions & creamy pepper sauce for dipping

The Buba 'Licious'


Beef patty, Bubalicous Turkish spiced lamb, pickle, house sauce & chilli jam

Beyond DIRTY (VG)


Flame grilled Beyond TM Patty, Jalapeno Salsa
& Bourbon BBQ Pulled Shrooms

The Dirty Piggy


Beef patty, dripping with pulled pork, crispy onions, cheese& Buba gravy for dipping

The Nutty Chick


Fried chicken, smothered with sweet sticky peanut satay sauce & kimchee slaw

The Hot Chick


Harissa flame grilled chicken breast, pickle, sour cream & chilli jam

Beyond Buffalo (VG)


Flame Grilled Beyond PattyTM, Dripping in Hot Buffalo Glaze, Garlic Mayo, Lettuce & Tomato

Flame Grilled to Perfection

8oz picanha steak

Flame Grilled to Perfection

8oz picanha steak



The Dessert You Can't Say No To

Cookie Chaos

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